The Niecelet, Part II

Last summer, when my ‘niece’ turned one, I decided she needed a new sweater.  I’d made her the Baby Surprise Jacket for her as a newborn, with a matching hat.  A mere four months later, I’d made her a new hat, because the old one didn’t fit anymore.  But she was turning one now, and clearly she needed a new sweater.  I had some nice orange wool on hand, and cast on.

Well, wait a minute.  The niecelet is in California, and I am here.  How do I size this?  Also, wool sweater, and  her birthday is in early July.  She’s not going to want to wear the sweater right away.  Okay, cast on top down and ribs, so the sweater stretches.  I’m crazy, so I cabled a sweater for a baby.  Good, now, arms, maybe there, and close the neck there . . . 

I arrived in California with the sleeves on spare yarn and the body still on the needles.  One afternoon, I snagged the niecelet and made off with her into a corner.  She was smiling and cheerful and into everything and perfectly happy to go off with Aunt Roza.  I put the sweater on her (inside the air conditioned house!) and measured.

0703141442    0703141443h  

Two more inches on the body of the sweater, and one on the sleeves.  Alright.

I knit up the last little bit and bound off.  She was swimming in the sweater, exactly as planned.  Four months later, I got this picture.


Only an inch folded up at the cuffs, and the body is long enough.  Hurray!

Update a year later:


Ain’t she cute?


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  1. Ellen in Conn

    She has family in cold places, so it will come in handy, for a month or two… Then you unknit it and make a bigger one!


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