I may be crazy, but at least I follow through

My brain works in weird ways.  Two summers ago, I think, I decided with less than a week to go, that I needed to make a new dress to wear to a party at my parents’ house.  Somewhat to my shock, I finished it in time.



The waist was too long, because I forgot that I was removing the pattern’s waistline, and the fabric did NOT BREATHE at all, but I finished the dress in less than a week, and wore it to my parents’ house, and got many compliments on it.

Crazy brain, but fine.  At least I followed through.

This past summer, I decided with less than two weeks to go, that I was going to finish my practice wedding dress and wear it to someone else’s wedding.  And I did.


I might admit to sewing up the neckline the day before, and I might admit to not hemming the lace edges — mostly because they weren’t going to fray, and I thought that hemming them would look awkward, but still — but I did it.

Silly brain.  Can we get a grip with time, here, please?  Just because I pulled it off twice doesn’t mean I can keep doing it.  Really.

Except that a month ago, my Sewing Circloid met up at a local fabric store before the regular meeting, and I found this really pretty fabric in the quilting section, and His cousin was getting married in less than a week, and I needed a sundress to wear to the rehearsal dinner (the wedding was in Florida, so a sundress in November was fine), and I might have accidentally bought fabric on Sunday thinking I could make a dress before Thursday, to take with me on the plane on Friday morning.



Dearling yelled at me.  She told me she didn’t want me to go crazy, and I had other things to do before Friday, and sanity please!  Other friends just smirked at me.  I hugged Dearling and promised to think of other things to wear to the wedding and bought the fabric.

Then I went home, washed the fabric, and started sewing.

Monday night I cut out the pieces and sewed the front three pieces and the back four together.  The arm holes are just stunning!  This is the second time I have run into this design, the first time on my wedding dress, and I love it to pieces.  First, you don’t sew up the side seams of the dress or the back halves to each other, just the front and attach the front to the two back pieces at the top of the shoulder.  Then, you sew the facing on, also not sewing up the side seams.  This creates a tube that runs over the top of each shoulder, with the wrong side of the fabric and the seams facing out.  Looks like this:


Before you start panicking, you pull the back of the dress through the tube and suddenly everything is in the right place!


And all the seams are hidden, and the right side it out!  It’s amazing.


Also, if you baste a sleeve to the fabric of the dress before you sew in the lining, and then scrunch it up when you sew in the lining so the seam of the sleeve get sewn in but not the outer cuff, you have a sleeve magically in the right place at the right time!  Very cool, and not at all intuitive to me, but I will remember.


Tuesday I finished sewing the sides together, sewed the zipper in, and debated hem lengths with Herself.


Please notice that, as usual, I added pockets.

Wednesday night, I went to a graduate info session, and came home and slept.

Thursday night, I hemmed the dress, tacked the rest of the lining in place — and dropped it into the suitcase for Friday morning and the plane.

It turned out wonderfully.



But really, brain.  Really!  Enough of this.  Can we decide at least two weeks in advance when we want a nice sundress, and a month before complicate stuff.  Please?



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2 responses to “I may be crazy, but at least I follow through

  1. Mama

    You are what you are. And what would you have done with your time if you had not that project to work on? And if you did not finish on time, there is always someone at an event who can help you with the hem just before your cue is called. Or a spare in the duffel bag just in case.

    Can you put your head in, please? At least the back of it, or disguised under a big floppy hat?


  2. If you can create a nearly-instant dress, why take longer when there are other things you want to do?

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