I have a thing about pockets.

I spent several years looking for a dress pattern with pockets before I found this one.  In high school, I added cargo pockets to my baggy jeans, so I could carry hard cover books in my pockets.  I have ripped out pants pockets and made them bigger, added pockets, sewn free floating pockets that tied around the waist.

I like pockets.

One of there reasons that I started wearing jeans as a teen after years of wearing leggings was for the pockets.  In the past couple of years, I have an arrangement of articles that fit into my jeans pockets, and I do actually pat all the pockets to check that I have the right things in the right places.  Keys, phone, wallet, and pocket knife and pen.  It’s the pen that causes trouble.

My pen, and I always have one, lives in the back left pocket, on the outer side of the pocket.  Carrying the pen in the same pocket, and on the same side, all the time does actually wear through the fabric after a while.

Then, as if to emphasize the fact that the pen is a problem, the pen falls through the hole created by the pen.

Bah.  I want to carry my pen, but I really need not to have HOLES in my pockets.  Okay, I’ll replace the pocket!  But this was work, and I ignored the issue until I literally didn’t have a pair of pants without holes.  Then, I decided it was going to be too boring for another while.  Finally, I buckled down.

Take off a pocket with a hole.  Use it as a pattern.  Wait, fold the denim in half and put the top of the pocket on the fold and cut out a double thick pocket!  Wait, this means the pocket has a side that isn’t exposed!  I can embroider the pocket!

And the sew it on.

Herself said, leaning in to take the picture, “This is the one time Roza will thank me for making her butt look big!”

I’ve got another three pockets cut out, and just have to find embroidery patterns for them.  Suggestions?


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  1. Ellen in Conn

    A tree.

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