Warm Fingers! In The Middle of Summer!

So, I have this theory about when to knit things.  Knit for the opposite season.  If you knit for the current season, you are always in a hurry to finish the current project, and you are more likely to overlook errors in the haste to be done, so you can wear your lovely new knitted project.  I don’t like overlooking errors, so I don’t knit for the current season.  Now, in summer, I knit for winter.

This even applies when I’m not knitting for myself.  Herself admired my fingerless gloves so much, and I couldn’t think of anything to do with the next batch of Mind’s Eye Sock-Yarn-of-the-Month yarn, so I decided she would get fingerless gloves for winter.  She drives back and forth to work every day, and her fingers get very cold.

So I pulled out the yarn.

Purple, gray, yellow, pink, and red.  I don’t actually like yellow, pink, or red, so I was just as happy not to using this for a project for myself.  It’s self-striping yarn, and I asked Herself if she cared if the stripes matched in direction.  She insisted that she didn’t care, so I cast on.

Since I was using the ends of the balls of yarn, and the stripes are fairly wide, the first several rounds didn’t even look like they were part of the same ball of yarn!  Pink and yellow on one end, and purple and gray on the other.  But I kept going.

I liked the pattern of my gloves so much that I used it again, but I did adjust it somewhat.  I decided I wanted something that looked more like cables that actually crossed, so I extended the increase/decrease movements of the ribs to the point where one rib was subsumed by the other.

Take this pattern, and follow the pattern for the first four rounds of the chart.  When the ribs are right next to other (k4, p4 all around), *k1, k2tog, pfb, p3* on the next round.  Continue in pattern two rounds.  Then *k1, k2tog, pfb, p4*.  Continue in pattern two rounds — the pattern should be k2, p6.  The increases are just kfb and p2tog until there are four knit stitches and four purl stitches again.  The complicated bit is that I wanted it to look like the ribs were actually crossing each other, so I k2tog to make it look like this set of k2 rib crossed over that set of k2 rib.  Then, when the time came to increase again, I increased on the opposite side of the rib from where I decreased, so it looked like a true cross.  Then, the next cross, I did it the other direction.

Complicated to think about!  But it worked.  As I did with my gloves, I decided not to repeat the pattern as often before starting the thumb gusset, so they are more of wrist gloves than forearm gloves, but it makes me happy.

I also extended the fingers to cover the second section of Her fingers, per her request.  Somewhere on the way, when I closed up the thumb gusset, I think, I lost a repeat of the pattern, which meant the top of the gloves and then the fingers are a little tight for me, but I have large hands.  She has much narrower fingers.

Actually, the inside of the gloves are pretty interesting, too.  I wonder if next time I should just knit the other side as the outside . . . .


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