¡Que Colorés!

Once upon a time, I was studying in México.  There was a street mime performing, and I stopped to watch for a few minutes.  He was ‘sawing’ peoples’ heads open with a ‘chainsaw’ and responding to what he saw inside.  He was also failing as a mime, because he wasn’t talking, but he was making noise!  One person’s head apparently was so empty it had an echo, another made him twitch, a third person just got a very strange look.

Then he ‘cut’ open my head.  He reached in, scooped out my brain, and started walking off with it.

¡Que colores! he exclaimed, in tones of great delight.

I laughed so hard I almost cried, trying with my limited Spanish to ask for my brain back, ¡l0 necesito, por favor!

Years later, I think I found the same colors again.

I do not, as a general rule, buy synthetic yarn.  I like cotton, bamboo, silk (when I can afford it), and I like wool as long as it’s not going to touch my arms or face.  I also rarely buy only one skein at a time, unless it’s sock yarn.  I usually assume I’m going to need at least two skeins for any project I would want to knit.

This one was too good to pass up.

So now I had one skein of micro fiber.  Now what?  It was self-stripping, but the strips were fairly narrow, as they often are.  I decided I cast on a scarf from Ravelry, and see where I ended up.

I loved the pattern’s stockinette and reverse stockinette, which made the fabric wiggle from front to back.

However, there was just this one skein.  And I really didn’t want to have any yarn left over, because when was I ever going to use it?  And I couldn’t just knit until I ran out of yarn and cast off, because since the pattern started with an increase, it needed to be balanced by ending with a decrease.

But very little yarn left over.  My perfectionism kicked in.

So I started decreasing in a random spot, and decreased to the point where I would cast off.  I tied a knot to mark that spot.  Then I frogged back to the beginning of the decreasing.  I marked that spot.  Then I measured between my two points.  Hopefully, that was how much yarn I needed to knit the decreases.  Then I measured that length from the end of the ball of yarn, and tied the last knot, and undid the first two.  Now, when I knit up to that knot, I would know it was time to start the decreases.  Off I knit.

Unfortunately, I measured wrong.

I decreased on time, and got to the cast off — and still had lots of yarn left.  Enough for two repeats of the main pattern.  I tested.

Two repeats.  So I frogged, again, back to the main pattern, added to repeats, and then decreased again.  This time it worked.  And now I have a lovely light scarf, with beautiful colors, and very little left over yarn.



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