Early Knitting Projects

It snowed!  And we were going sledding.  We took two large cardboard boxes with us, because we didn’t have any sleds, and we hadn’t thought of the trashcan covers.  I looked over at Himself, and there was an odd bulge on the lower side of his coat.

“What’s that?” I asked.

He shrugged.  “The old hat and scarf you made me.”

I blinked at him.  “And you’re not wearing them?”

“Well, the hat is made of cotton, and it’s kind of cold.”

But he pulled them out and let me see them, and let me take pictures of them to put up.

Moss stitch on the edges and the middle, and stockinette in between.  Actually, I think this was the scarf that made me get into knitting to begin with.  We were juniors in college, and I crocheted things.  I decided that the poor man’s neck was cold, and I was going to crochet Himself a scarf.  And I started it, I did.  And the fabric was stiff, and I didn’t like it.  I walked to the Jo-Ann’s down the street (one of the better parts of the location of that college was that it was less than half a mile to the Jo-Ann’s and the Chinese restaurant) and bought two size 9 straight knitting needles.  I went home, cast on with the backward loop method (long-tail is much better), and called my mom.

“Mama?  How do I knit again?”

Between my mom on the phone and YouTube videos, I taught myself how to knit.  I started knitting the scarf as a flat stockinette, discovered that stockinette curls, frogged it, and added the moss stitch sections.  And every once in a while, Himself still wears it.

The other thing in his pocket was a hat.  A really nice hat.  A hat that I knit for him about two years ago.  It’s cotton, and so not very warm in the middle of winter, but a really cool hat.

Like this cool.

Zig-zags!  With ribs.  In purple.  Purple ribbed zig-zags!

It was probably one of my first fair isle projects.  The inside was pretty cool, too, from a structural point of view.

I got the stranding down right, for once.

One more time, because it’s so cool.

Purple ribbed zig-zags!

The sledding was pretty fun, too.



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2 responses to “Early Knitting Projects

  1. Mama

    I like the speckled zig-zags.

  2. That is an awesome hat. Cool scarf too, and I need to make a mental note about moss stitch, since I finally learned to knit. But awesome hat. 🙂

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