Warm and Fuzzy!

Two pieces of back story.  First, when I moved out of my parents’ house and obtained a queen-sized down comforter, I was somewhat frustrated by the cover options.  Obviously, I didn’t want just a bare comforter, but I didn’t like any of the options.  They were too slick, or itchy, or felt weird.  Also, almost none of them were flannel, and what’s the point of a non-flannel comforter cover?  Blast.  I went to Jo-Ann’s and bought lots of flannel.  I have a sewing machine, and I know how to use it!

Second, after I take a shower, I frequently climb into bed next to Himself and attempt to convince him that I am, in fact, warm and fuzzy, and he should cuddle with me.  Particularly during the winter, he protests that I am cold and wet, and I can stay on THAT side of the bed until I warm up.  We both giggle for a while, and I warm up, and then we cuddle.  It works out well.  This morning, thinking about writing this post, I told him I was warm and fuzzy and tried to cuddle close.  He said, “Yes, you are.”  “Wait, you agree?” I returned, surprised.  “As long I get a back rub out of it, you are very warm and fuzzy!”

He got a back rub.  He also pointed out that he has been making this trade every winter for the past several years, as long as he also lets me warm my feet on him.  Thinking it over, I’m not sure who gets the better deal, but I am happy to make the trade!

However, the flannel from Jo-Ann’s was a few years ago, and it started to collect some holes.  Also, there’s only the one, so I have to strip the cover off, wash and dry it, and get it back on all on the same day.  So I bought some new flannel, three different colors, and started tearing it into 20 inch squares.  Then I discovered I had about half as much as I needed.  Happily, I discovered this on the day I was teaching people to make dresses in my basement, and one of my friends lives pretty close to the fabric store were I had bought the flannel.  I gave her some scrapes and asked if she’d get me some more.  About a week later, she called me to say that they only still had one of the three types I already had, and now what?  I told her I trusted her color judgment, get something nice in the amount that I needed, and went back to having makeup put on me for the first time since high school prom.  When one’s cousin gets married, one wears whatever one is told to wear.

So I ripped the rest of the flannel into 20 inch squares – I love woven fabric! – and starting trying to figure how how to put them together.  Unfortunately, I had fifteen black-patterned squares, eight teal-patterned squares, eight green-patterned squares, eight blue-patterned squares, and 6 brown-patterned squares.  15, 8, 8, 8, and 6, that is.  Not conducive to a nice even pattern.  *sigh*  So I folded them all into quarters so I could fit everything on the floor at once and started laying them out and playing around with patterns.

I ended up fudging the corners a little, given the colors I had, but it worked!  I had a pattern!  I quickly took pictures so I’d remember what the pattern looked like.  Then it was just a matter of sewing it all together.  Not that I was surprised at how big it was all sewn together, but it was really huge!

So big that when I laid it all out across my basement floor, I couldn’t get a good picture of it.  I couldn’t get far enough away from it to look at it all!  I sewed both sides at the same time in a really long piece, so I just folded it in half, sewed two sides together, and I have yet to add buttons on the third open side, but I have added the button holes.  Voila!  Comforter cover!

It’s really warm and fuzzy . . . . . .

. . . and somewhere under there, Himself likes it that way.  (You can just see his hair, on the darker yellow pillow.)



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2 responses to “Warm and Fuzzy!

  1. Nora

    For future reference, should you ever decide to spring for it, I know where you can get 108 inch wide flannel–and in batiks, no less.

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