In Which I Saved Twenty Thousand Dollars with Half an Hour of Sewing and Half a Bag of Rice

I should start by saying that this wasn’t the kind of saving where I now have twenty thousand dollars, but the kind where I don’t spend money that I don’t have anyway.  Further more, it wasn’t even my twenty thousand dollars.  But still.  In the long run, I saved Herself twenty thousand dollars, and it only took half an hour.

By the way, Herself and Himself have acquired these titles though being the most interested in and influential of my various crafting projects among my various housemates.  I have six of housemates, and four of them are only interested when I leave things lying around and they yell at me to move whatever it is.  Himself and Herself are titles of convenience, and should not be construed as hinting at a relationship between them closer than housemates and friends.

However.  Herself has a Prius, and that woman loves her Prius.  She can go on about her gas mileage for quite a while.  But the problem is that she has an older Prius.  One that does not come with a feature called ‘winter packaging’.  And living in New England as we do — my grandmother got almost two feet of snow two weeks ago, and it was still October — certain aspects of ‘winter packaging’ start to look very appealing to frost-bitten drivers.

Namely, seat warmers.

Herself was seriously considering plopping down probably much more than twenty thousand dollars sometime within the next few years so that she could drive a Prius with seat warmers.  Seriously.

And then, came the bag of rice and half an hour at loose ends in my basement.

Sew up three sides of a square.  Sew lines across the square, perpendicular to the open edge, to make several cells within the square.  Fill each square with dry rice.  Sew the top closed.

Put in the microwave for about two minutes.

Place on seat.


Drive in warmth and comfort.

Herself is thrilled.



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5 responses to “In Which I Saved Twenty Thousand Dollars with Half an Hour of Sewing and Half a Bag of Rice

  1. Anonymous

    Ah, bun-warmers!


  2. Nora

    Never underestimate the power of motivated people in cold climates.

  3. never underestimate the power of craft! Ha!

  4. trusthynenemy


    THAT IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Or would be if I ever made it out the door such that I had two microwave minutes to spare)

    I should do such a thing…….

  5. Anonymous

    I had forgotten that you have that beautiful sewing machine. I like that era of Singers very much.

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