Leaf Knit-on Border

So, there’s this completely beautiful Leaf Lace Cuff that I can’t link people to unless they have a Ravelry account.  In case people do have said accounts, check it out here.  Thank you, Monique Boonstra!

I was knitting my purple sweater, the one from Not Quite the Longest Sweater Saga Ever (it’s done, by the way, and I’ll post that story next week), and I couldn’t figured out what to do with the cuffs.  But I had leaves at the yoke, and I decided this called for different leaves at the cuffs as well.  First, I figured out how to turn the Leaf Lace Cuff sideways, and then figured out how to make it into a knit-on border for the cuffs.  It looked like this.

Since knit stitches are taller than they are wide, the border needed MUCH more space to go around the sleeve cuff than did the sleeve itself.  That didn’t work.  So I frogged it, and dropped a needle size.  And frogged it, and dropped a needle size.  Before I got it to work, I had dropped three needle sizes from the gauge of the sleeve, and it still could stand to be dropped at least one more size.  But I was getting into smaller than sock needles sizes and could no longer see what I was doing, so I stopped.  And it turned out pretty well.

So the moral of the story is, this is a really cool knit-on borders — but you need a much smaller gauge than the main project to make it work.

Knit the project until it comes to where you want it to end.  DON’T BIND OFF.  At the end of every wrong side row, one stitch from the main work will be incorporated into the border.  Each repeat of the border incorporates seven stitches from the main project, so try to have a multiple of seven stitches at the stopping point on the main project.  When the last right side row is finished, move all the stitches to a needle which is at least three sizes smaller than what was used for the main project.

At the end of the last right-side row of the main project, cast on four new stitches at the left side of the main project.  Turn work to wrong side.  Knit the first two stitches, purl one, knit one.  You have worked all four of the new stitches.  Knit the first stitch from the main project.  Turn work.  Start on row one of the chart.

And the key.

When there is one main-project stitch left, you should be on row 13 of the chart.

If you’re knitting flat, bind off all the way across row 14, and weave in the end.

If you’re knitting in the round, follow row 14 as usual.  Kitchner row 14 to the beginning cast-on row, and then weave in the end.

Happy knitting, and let me know how it goes!



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4 responses to “Leaf Knit-on Border

  1. Tunie (peacockmom)

    Thanks so much, Roza! This looks terrific and your directions seem nice and clear. 🙂 I’ll definitely give this a try soon.

  2. Beautiful, and a creative solution!

  3. Gudrun Thomassen

    Actually, Ravelry recently added the option to browse as a guest, so your readers can see it without logging in.

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