Basements are Fun

So, this time it’s not my craft that’s making me so happy.  It’s the women filling my basement and their crafts that are so entertaining.  Two fitted cotehardies, a fencing shirt, and a comforter cover, coming right up!  A cotehardie is a fitted full-length medieval gown.  We’re up to four sewing machines — three Singers of different eras and a surger, a different color of fabric on each section of floor, and two sewing kits in addition to my cupboards and drawers.  When the seams come out right, they start bouncing around and dancing.  And swearing when the sewing machines jam or the seams decide not to cooperate.

The light green cotehardie makes me laugh because it used to be a neon-green, and I dyed it for friend A.  She then traded the fabric to friend B.  Friend B is now sewing it up in my basement.  In return for the fabric, friend B is knitting socks for friend A.  Thus, our second activity of the day is learning how to knit socks.  That fabric and I have a relationship.

The socks are turning out to be a mixed success.  I learned a new cast-on for socks, Judy’s Magic Cast-On, that I will probably use from now on because it doesn’t need to be tightened later.  But I’m having some difficulties explain why I make the socks the way I do, so that will need some more thought later to make it clearer so I can teach it.  Three pairs of socks were cast on.  One pair broke the bamboo needles, and so needed to be started again.  One pair lost two stitches somewhere in the increases, and so needed to be started again.  And the last pair was going along all right for a bit, and then started having purl rows instead of knit rows, and so needed to be started again.  Ah, well, at least we tried, and there are plans to do another craft day in my basement in two weeks.  Yay!



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4 responses to “Basements are Fun

  1. Alexis

    Judy’s Magic Cast On is one of the most useful things I learned in the past year – it is now my go-to cast on for anything with a seamed bottom, like the market bags I am making or the mittens for babies.

  2. Gudrun

    I’d be interested in the cotehardie workshop… If you do it from the beginning again.

  3. trusthynenemy

    Really, I don’t know why the thing broke! It’s just not sturdy enough, I suppose. But they’re coming along nicely enough now. With luck, today and tomorrow will see the increases finished, and then I can knit at work.

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